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This started out as a blog about our domestic adoption. So all of the older posts are about that journey. It was an interesting one, and it led us to our son, Jacob. My dream since I was a little girl was typical of most little girls. I wanted to get married, and have children and be a stay at home Mom. Although, not a very popular choice for a profession now a day, I find it very rewarding. As a matter of fact, every day is an adventure! I've been told personally that the stay at home Mom profession isn't 'work', but spend a day with me and you'll see just how much 'work' it is!!! It's blessed work!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Yesterday, I tuned 39 years old. I didn't think it sounded too scary until I typed it, then said it. UGH! I'm 39 years OLD!!! Next year is the big one! It's just a number, right? It has nothing to do with how I feel. I spent the day only doing what I wanted to do. My Mom took me and Jake to lunch at Applebee's. Then I came home and scrapbooked. My friend came over and brought me an awesome Holly Hobby birthday cake! My husband brought me roses. I even did frozen pizza for dinner, because I didn't want to cook. All in all it was a delightful day! Then, today, the day after I turned 39, my little boy turned 1 1/2. He's running around the house, jabbering about everything, being independent, curious about every noise and everything I do. I pray for the energy to raise this little guy for God. I know we got started a little late...I know that we aren't finished (we're hoping to start another adoption next year so that Jake will have a sibling). God knows all this as well. He does everything IN HIS TIME! If it's one thing I know, it's that God has never let me do anything out of His timing! So I will trust in Him, try to raise Jacob His way, and leave the rest to God. 39 doesn't sound that bad, after all! I'm going to make this year count for God!!! =)

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