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This started out as a blog about our domestic adoption. So all of the older posts are about that journey. It was an interesting one, and it led us to our son, Jacob. My dream since I was a little girl was typical of most little girls. I wanted to get married, and have children and be a stay at home Mom. Although, not a very popular choice for a profession now a day, I find it very rewarding. As a matter of fact, every day is an adventure! I've been told personally that the stay at home Mom profession isn't 'work', but spend a day with me and you'll see just how much 'work' it is!!! It's blessed work!

Friday, August 20, 2010

It Could Happen Anytime Now!

We got a text message the other night that our birth Mom was in the hospital and really sick. She kept texting us what was going on and it seemed her gall bladder was giving her problems. She said that she might have toxcemia as well. The Doctor was trying to decide if he should just take the baby and do the gall bladder. They went back and forth on this for a couple of days. We got to go visit her after they gave her some pain meds and we had a great visit! She got to meet (or re-meet) John's side of the family and we got to meet her side of the family. It was a good time! The Dr. finally released her and said that if she has another gall bladder attack that they would go ahead and take the baby. If not, they would wait until the baby decide to come on his own and then do the gall bladder. She is at 37 weeks 5 days, right now and the Dr. wants her to be at 38-40 weeks before they take him. So now we play the waiting game. I gave my two weeks notice at work this afternoon because the baby's due date is September 6th. I'm so scared and nervous and excited and anxious. I've hardly been able to sleep at all, and every time I eat I get sick. Heartburn is constant. When we first got the text that they might take the baby, John asked me what I thought of maybe being a Mom within a few days. I replied, "I think I'm going to throw up!" :) We have a suitcase packed and ready to go. Just waiting for the little guy to make his appearance. We have no decide on any names yet. The Birth Mom has a name picked out, but we don't know if we want to use all of it, part of it or any of it. We are trying to decide. If I could just get John to be serious about a "real" name for 5 seconds, we might be able to come up with something!!! =) Keep praying for our birth mom and us. Thanks for everything, everyone!!! =)

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  1. Your baby boy's EDD is my mom's birthday! Of course, two days before that is our Anniversary so those are two nice days. =)