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This started out as a blog about our domestic adoption. So all of the older posts are about that journey. It was an interesting one, and it led us to our son, Jacob. My dream since I was a little girl was typical of most little girls. I wanted to get married, and have children and be a stay at home Mom. Although, not a very popular choice for a profession now a day, I find it very rewarding. As a matter of fact, every day is an adventure! I've been told personally that the stay at home Mom profession isn't 'work', but spend a day with me and you'll see just how much 'work' it is!!! It's blessed work!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Home Study

Monday came way earlier than I wanted it to, but it came. I puttered around working off my list I had made the day before and during the night when I couldnt sleep. I kept thinking that minutes before Alli came I'd be standing back and looking over everything..and I'd see something that was a glaringly wrong and obvious but didn't have time to do anything about it. Well, it didn't happen minutes before she came, and it wasn't the end of the world, but while looking over things, I noticed that one of the electrical outlets didn't have a faceplate and behind the phonograph there was a hole in the wall where we were going to put an outlet...but hadn't. Lucky for me, John hadn't left Home Depot yet so he grabbed the faceplaces and it was fine. But John was still working on some other stuff, when I saw her pull up to the house.
First, I have to say, Alli didn't look or act like what people say social workers look or act. I have a friend who is a social worker and she isn't your typical social worker either. I've talked to people online who were adopting that told horror stories of their social workers. Some even used names of ones to avoid! I was instantly put at ease when she walked thru the door. She was so nice and friendly. We sat on the couch and got to know each other a bit. Then she interviewed us separately. The questions were mainly about my family and childhood. Then she interviewed us together. Those were really fun! We got to talk about how we met, how he asked me out, how we got engaged, what are wedding was like. What goals we have for our future. Then she said she needed to look at a couple specific things about the house. She walked around and looked at that. We stood around and talked about the house renovations we've done and hope to do. That was it! I barely could tell that she had been there for three hours and fifteen minutes. It was such a relief to have it done, but I was almost sad to see her go. Crazy! After she left, I told John that we had some family that we needed to call. I talked to them and crashed!!! We both went to bed early that night and had some of the best sleep we ever had!!! The house looks so good that I almost don't want to go home and mess it up. I took some pics and put it on the facebook album. Check it out! Home studies are not as bad as everyone says!

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